Unknown Error Message when trying to convert to epub

I have repeatedly gotten the message that an unknown error occurred in the conversion of my document and have been referred to read the instruction document on how to format.  I have gone over it, made changes and reuploaded probably 20 times and I have made changes in my document that I thought might be the problem, but I am running out of ideas to get past this "unknown error". I have even started over, by pasting my manuscript into a new document and reformatting it.  I am running out of ideas.


Is Lulu's software having issues?  Anyone else having these problems?  I have written to Lulu support but have yet to hear anything back from them.  It's so frustrating to be told to fix an unknown error.  How am I supposed to fix an error when I don't know what the error is?


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    You can attach if you want. I'll have a look.

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  • Here is my manuscript.  This is latest one with new changes in an attempt to remedy the "unknown error".  If you can figure out the "unknown error" kudos to you! Smiley Happy  It is tagged "Working Copy 2" because this one is a completely new document that I pasted my manuscript into and then reformatted it from the beginning.  I changed the headings in this one since in the previous versions there were too many.  But it has not made any difference.  Still have an "unknown error" lurking around that Lulu doesn't like. Thanks for taking a look at it.

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    I am attaching. Removed the H3. If I remember correctly it was after an H1. Plus, you had a hyperlink. I don't have time to test this morning. Let me know if it went through. If it didn't I'll look at it more closely later.



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  • I'm having similar problems. I have been using a professional formatter who made the epub conversion for me. I got a notice that there were problems, but all of these have been addressed. Yet, my book is still not eligible for distribution even after revising and submitting a new file. I'm beginning to think that Lulu is having software problems also. 


    Good luck!

  • A distribution rejection should be accompanied by an email detailing the reasons. This should allow you to make the necessary updates/changes. If you continue to have problems with distribution of the file once the problems are corrected, you may need to contact support and ask them to look more closely at your project.

  • I tried to fix the document you send. 

    Some time the message Lulu sent us is deferent from the real problem because the system does't recognise the real one.

    If you want to make it an epub and not simple ebook to pdf you must leave it at the form the Word system gave you and the only change you must do is to make the chapters to Heading 1. <<<<Anything else is useless>>>>. Then (if you have new Windows) at the Word button up to the left, you go to the Preparation and save it as Stamping As Complete. Then send this document to Lulu's system. 

    If you want to make it a pdf, make a Table of contens do any changes you want and save it as Stamping As Complete again.

    Lulu's system converts the documents.

    Good luck. 

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