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Hi all!


I am starting an eBook version of my cookbook using Word 2016. I read through Lulu's "Complete eBook Creator Guide" and wanted to ask about footnotes v. endnotes. I don't read eBooks very often (I am old school like that).


Firstly: Which do you prefer: Endnotes or footnotes?


If endnotes, I notice Word gives two options where they can appear at the end of the section (which would be the chapter most likely) or the end of the document. Does the converter recognize these differences? If so, what are your thoughts on a preference?


If footnotes, how to they appear on an eReader?


I don't have a lot of foot/end notes and the ones I have are a sentence or two.




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    Make them Continous in Word before you convert.


    Open in drafts and format before you convert to epub.


    Highlight and save as new Quick Style (in Draft view) before you convert.


    Remove all hyperlinks in notes and everywhere before you convert.


    Good luck.

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  • Thanks!

    What do you mean by "open in drafts"? Is that something in Word or something Lulu does?
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     In Word, there's Print view, Web view and Draft view. Up top, click around.

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  • Cool. Thanks!
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