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I have a friend that is a book seller, and she says my listing on Ingram is not correct because it does not show a discount and it is showing as not returnable (she sent me a screenshot of my listing and she is correct) How do I get this corrected? I saw where I could set a discount on my project for this book, but I did not know if that would affect the Ingram listing or not.. and I do not see where to make the book returnable.


  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    This is self-publishing print-on-demand you are involved in; no inventory is held, therefore there can be no returns. Imagine if someone returned your book - who would be responsible for refunding their postage costs, and who would carry the cost of the refund. Lulu printed your book just as you wanted it so they should not be out of pocket because the person who bought your book does not like it. This quickly identifies the one person who would have to be responsible for the refund and that is you. How would Lulu get their money from you if they refunded the purchaser's credit card?


    Remember, you are both the publisher and the author, and everything else for that matter. You could buy a batch of books and sell them from your website and promise to give refunds if people don't like the book.

  • I understand the no return part on my end.. I was just explaining what the book store said.  What about the part with the discount? Do I revise and put the required percentage that is supposed to be listed on the Ingram site myself and when I accept the change, it will automatically be sent to Ingram?

  • Hi Shanifaye!

    You can set a discount on the title on Lulu but it does not translate to retail distribution. The discount applies only to Lulu.

    You do not need to revise to set the discount. You can click on the book title in your my projects, scroll to pricing and creator revenues, click edit, and you will see a blue button labelled Set Discount.
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