Publishing an Ebook using a PDF



I have published a book in paperback form and I would now like to publish it as an eBook. The only format I have it in is PDF.


Is it possible to use this existing file to publish and sell the book on LuLu?


  • wildwindwildwind Publisher

    No. If you are unable to submit an epub then you will have to submit a Word document, or something similar. The title of the book and at least one other line (the first line of the copyright notice usually) has to be given a Heading 1 Style in order for the manuscript to be converted into an epub.


    If you wrote the book why do you only have a PDF? You must have the source file that you created the PDF from.

  • Thanks, I thought that might be the case.


    The book is a few years old and I have an InDesign file version as well, will see if I can convert that to epub.

  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    If you don't succeed, open the PDF and select all text (Control plus A) and then copy and paste it into a Word document.

  • Hi tashwright!

    You can create a PDF eBook but it is only available to be sold on Lulu.
  • oncewasoncewas Librarian



    I am sure this is not the OP's intention. My ebook sales on Lulu are less than

    half of 1 percent of my total ebook sales. I have no reason to believe that it is

    anything else for anyone else.

  • What about the cover for the book? Can that be in PDF format? I do want publish on other platforms so want to get it right from the start.

  • wildwindwildwind Publisher

    The cover has to be in jpeg format at 612 x 792 pixels.

  • epub doesn't  support anything else but text. 

    If you want to make it an epub and not simple ebook to pdf you must leave it at the form the Word system gave you and the only change you must do is to make the chapters to Heading 1. <<<<Anything else is useless>>>>. Then (if you have new Windows) at the Word button up to the left, you go to the Preparation and save it as Stamping As Complete. Then send this document to Lulu's system.

    If you want to make it a pdf, make a Table of contens do any changes you want and save it as Stamping As Complete again.

    Lulu's system converts all documents.


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