PDF manuals, first page as cover

I have decided to print some of those big pdf manuals for some of my software and tech since they don't do it anymore.


I uploaded one and it wanted to make a cover for it...but the first and last pages were beautiful covers in the pdf..

I could find no option to just skip it...


wonder if there is a way around it, or do i have to play around with the pdf file and try to copy the first page and use it?




I guess it would be against copyright to sell them on here, but they have no hard copy anywhere.




  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    If you didn't write the manuals not only is against copyright to sell them here but also to make a print copy for your own use. When you buy something which has copyright you are only allowed to engage with it in the manner in which it was supplied to you. You can sell a print book once you have read it - as that does not affect the copyright - but you may not copy it and sell the copy. Likewise if you buy a PDF (or have one supplied to you with a product) you can read the PDF on your computer, tablet or phone but you cannot start selling it, or turn it into a print book and start selling that.


    The correct thing to do, even if you want to make just one copy for yourself, is to ask the copyright holder if you may do so.

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