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Hi Paul,


I published three ebooks in the past month, the first on May 1, another on May 18, and added iBookstore to a previously published title on May 18th. My experience has been that when a ebook distribution status changes to "Processed" the "Available on iBookstore" button appears on the product page.


In the case of these three titles, they all have a status of processed, but the button has not been added to the Lulu product page and the titles are not available for purchase on the iBookstore.


Is there a problem with the iBookstore feed?  Are my titles stuck? Are the Apple elves on vacation?



Case #01583111


Edit: BTW- I submitted two support cases. I got the success screen with the support case number, but did not receive the automated email response from SalesForce.


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    It's too soon. It takes several weeks.
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  • Hi Maggie

    The iBookstore feed is daily as opposed to the other eBook feeds (this is glenn btw).


    Regardless, for the past 5 years, when an eBook is approved by Lulu QA, the Available in the iBoostore button is added to the title's product page - often before the book is actually shelved in the iBookstore. Because of the daily feed, titles are often up and for sale in the iBoostore in days where the Amazon feed can take weeks.


    Hope you are well.


  • Just checked with Distribution and they see it as "Sent" to Apple, but Apple never received.

    We're looking into it, hopefully resending will take care of it!
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    Glenn Glenn? ☺???? Hope you are well.☺
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  • Hi folks


    Not sure if I am having the same problem or I am jumping the gun.


    I uploaded two books about a week ago. One of them (2052) has been uploaded to the various retail sites bar ibookstore. The other book (remarks on existential nihilism) has only been uploaded to the Barnes and Noble site, as in it is not up on amazon, google play or kobo (and itunes bookstore).


    But like I say i could be just jumping the gun regards the second book and they are still processing it. But both are not up on itunes bookstore.




  • Hi


    Just looked and Remarks on Existential Nihilism is now up on Amazon and Kobo, so it will probably be up on Google Play soone enough as well.


    Not sure about ibookstore.

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