Photo Book 9x7 Landscape

Is there no optioin to upload a self-designed PDF for the 9x7 Landscape format, like there is for the Large Landscape? I am a professional designer, and perfectly capable and prefer to design my own book.


  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor
    Yes there is. Just choose perfect bound. Not a photobook.
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  • So I can build that format only as perfect bound, not as a casewrap? The book is a design retrospective, so the content lends itself to the photobook treatment.

    None the less, thank you for answering. Will consider.

  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor
    Click on Hardcover, click on Paperback, see all the options you have. Just don't pick Photobook. It's limiting.
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  • Unfortunately -


    Professional Hardcover only offers the US Trade and US Letter formats.

    Premium Paperback has the 9x 7 size option, but only offers Coil, Perfect and Saddle Stitch binding.


    * mutters rude noises *

    Perhaps I should just order a single copy of the perfect bound version, see if I like the quality in that binding.

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