Hey, guys!

Hey, hope everyone has remembered me. I haven't posted in a while. I'm kinda having doubts that I want to turn my writing into a career. I love writing but it's become more of a hobby than something I want to make money off of. I'd rather people read my work even if I don't get paid for it. I was a webcomic artist for a while and I just enjoyed that people were reading my works and enjoying it.


I'm currently writing a novella. I want to publish it as a free download. I'm thinking about doing that with all my future work. There's just too much pressure in the publishing industry for me. I've even taken my past books down off the shelf. I already make an income anyway.


I love to write and want to do it just to share my stories with the world. I felt immense pressure from the whole self-publishing, and because of my mental illness, I feel even more pressure trying to find a publisher and agent. I just want to write for fun. I have to be real with myself.


Other than that, how is everyone doing? It's been a while. :-)


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