Pagination disappears in Lulu upload

I worked on this all day yesterday, with no results. I format my text, with pagination in footer. But the pagination gets lost when I upload to Lulu, or, when I try to create pdf before uploading. Any clues? Thanks! 


  • If you're uploading a Word file for EPUB conversion, our system will strip the pagination out (as these files do not have pages).
    For a PDF ebook, the PDF file should retain the page numbering. If it is not, I have to guess some setting for your Footer is incorrect and the numbering is being hidden when you convert.
  • Thank you for pagination feedback. My footer in Word Air seems ok, but maybe I should try another word processor? Which one(s) is compatible with Lulu? My file is ready to go, but I want the page numbers to show! Thank you!

  • I'm not that familiar with Word Air, but we recommend MS Word or Libre Office for creating your files.

    If Word Air is converting to a PDF and the page numbers are being removed, there must be some setting in Word Air that is causing this.
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