problems with table of contents

Hi. I keep getting error messages saying I have too many chapter headings.  (I have 14).  After the the first message, I made sure it didn't count subheadings as chapters by changing them to Normal Bold, and removing any additional return signs between the headings on the actual Table of Contents page.  


But what keeps happening when I look at the epub file is that every chapter heading in the Table of Contents appears on a separate page, in just ordinary writing that doesn't link to the chapter.  I don't know how to stop this.


And this time, the error message listed all my chapter headings twice.


Did I do right to use Heading 2 for both the Table of Contents headings and the chapter headings above each chapter?  NB the file makes a new page for each chapter, so it must be recognising something.


I've just had another thought.  Is it because I put the copyright page before the table of contents page?


  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    Start again and simply things. Assign Heading Style 1 to Title, First line of your copyright notice and your chapter headings. This will be fine. Are you trying to create the Table of Contents yourself? If so, delete it. Assigning Heading Style 1 is what creates the TOC.

  • Is the Table of Contents meant to display in the internal file you can download and look at.?  Because mine doesn't.  I don't know what I've done wrong.  I've simplified everything so all the headings are Heading 1 style.  The Table of Contents box in the wizard shows the correct table of contents.  But it doens't appear when I view it on iBooks.

  • The ToC on iBooks is kept behind a button (usually on the upper left). Click that and it will expand to show the ToC links.
  • OMG,! I literally never knew this because all my ebooks have another table of contents (usually a bit garish and naff) even books by famous authors. I was driving myself insane this afternoon!

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