No Revenue.

I have several books published by Lulu, but never received a penny from my book sales. I chose to have revenue paid through paypal, but switched to cheque. Still no revenue even though I have sold books. Anyone else had this problem?.


  • If you have revenue from sales showing in your My Revenue pages, and this amount exceeds the payment threshold for the method you've selected ($5 for PayPal, $20 for Check), you should contact our support team to get it cleared up.
  • Thank you. I did some time ago, they claimed Paypal have it, but there is no record.
  • That might mean reaching out to PayPal. My understanding is that a payment made to PayPal and unclaimed for 30 days should come back around to us, and we would then attempt to pay it again.
    It might be worth checking in with Support again to see if they can dig any deeper on this for you.
  • Thank you Paul Will do. Moog.

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