Creating Contents Page

Have gone into Update Field but unable to understand what to do next.  Help!


  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    I don't understand your question. Could you elaborate?

  • I take it you are using Microsoft Word?


    If so, I guess you have used the 'insert table of contents' function?


    What you need to do then is to apply the Heading styles to the chapter (and sub-chapter, if desired) headings.


    Then just go back to the table of contents, right-click, and select 'Update Field' - Word will then build the table for you. You can also tell it to just update the page numbers instead (if you have added content that causes additional pages to be added).

  • Thank you for your trouble.  I forgot to mention that I am using the style guide template, so I'm not sure your answer applies to that.  I don't need the indented sub-headings and it doesn't work if I delete them.

  • Am using the 6x9 style guide template, have completed the opening pages, now need to add the contents table, which I'm trying to do using that template.  The template is set for sub-titles, which I don't need, but removing these throws the page numbers out.  Don't know how else to explain my problem.

  • While the style guide template can be used to create a book, it is often more practical to just start fresh, using the style guide template more as a "how to" example. This way, you don't wind up with any formatting surprises as you get further into your project.


    For my book, I eventually wound up purchasing a template from and was able to complete development of my book with minimal modification and fuss. I do see that they have templates for 6x9 books.

  • Thank you for your help.

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