Book with No theme?

Hi, anyone know if its possible to upload full pages to a book designed to spec with no theme. I designed a book in indesign and i want it printed exactly as is, cant seem to find an option to do something like this. Thanks!


  • I amin a similar situation.


    I figured out I could export my InDesign Pages as Hi-res images and upload and place those in the Lulu Studio Wizard... in the blank theme, using the full-bleed page format. 

    But the bleedin' TITLE PAGE does not accept images, and cannot be formatted or deleted! Dealbreaker!


    You do have the option to do regular non-photo books as uploaded PDF, but NOT Photobooks other than, curiously, the Large Landscape format. But Professionall hardcover only comes in US Trade and Letter sizes. Other sizes are available in the paperback formats except the Large Landscape, but they only come in coil, saddle stitch, and perfect binding - if that works for you, great.

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