Discount Code for special groups

Hi - I'd like to provide a special offer for schools and colleges so they can buy my book at a discounted rate. Everyone else will pay the regular rate - what is the best way to do this?






  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    I don't think you can. Discounts can only be applied on the Lulu website

    and the chances of sales here are pretty slim unless you are directing

    people to your Author Spotlight.

  • Currently, we do not have the ability to make a customized coupon.


    That said, there is a way you can offer your book at a discount!


    What you can do is make a new project, using the same file and information. Keep this project private, and once published, set the access to Direct. Now set the dicounted price.


    This book will have a unique URL for the product page, and it will not appear on the Lulu Bookstore. You can give this URL to your customers, and when they follow it, they'll be able to purchase the reduced price version.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, Paul!

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