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Endorsements/ review quotes on the back cover?

I am about to publish volume two of my book


I am thinking of putting a positive quote on the back cover from a review of volume one, in the format of "what they said about volume one:.."


Do you think that this sort of thing works? 


I have asked the reviewer out of courtesy to use the quote from the review, but have not heard from him yet. 


If I do not hear from him, am I legally ok to reproduce a quote from a review?


Thanks for any advice 


  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    The important thing to remember with print on demand books is that people will first engage with your book on the internet; very few print-on-demand books end up in bookstores. It is the front cover that is all important. I don't know if people even look at the back cover. Far more important than reviews on the back of your book will be a) impact of the cover b) quality of the blurb c) the quality of the writing that people can see using the 'look inside' facility' and finally the reviews that your book has on Amazon and other internet bookstores.

  • Very Good Points - thanks


    The endorsement could actually be incorporated into the book's online description. book2coversmaller.png


    On the subject of the cover, do you think that this is good enough?


    It is a sheet music book, with extra pages of additional information. 

  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    I think having the white space with the musical notation at the top of the image reduces the impact; the white will tend to fade against the white page it will be displayed on. I think it would look much better with just the image and the green rectangle containing the title at the top.

  • Ron MillerRon Miller Professor

    I think the music across the top is not a bad idea, but perhaps you might be able to find a sample that it is a little more interesting visually. For instance, in the sample you chose, the second staff is pretty empty-looking. This may be contributing to the weak look of the white panel. Try to fill the space more with music, even if you have to eliminate the second staff to do so.


    I would also increase the size of the type in the green panel---the title itself, for sure. You could even gain some space for enlarging the title by reducing "Volume 2" slightly.

    Black Cat Studios
  • Thank you both for your suggestions


    About the music sample:


    I have been buying sheet music for around 30 years now. I used to like to go to music shops and flick through the music and get an idea of the level of music inside. Unlike buying a novel, in sheet music there is beginner, intermediate and advanced music, well arranged music and badly arranged music.


    With the demise of physical music shops, unless I can look inside, (which some websites do offer, some do not), the potential buyer has no idea about the suitability of the music inside. So with this book, and the last, I included a small strip of the music on the cover to give customers an insight into the music. 


    The other point is that, surprisingly, many many "books of songs" or "songbooks" of Burns' music only includeds the words to songs, printed in the style of poetry. My cover immediately shows the customer that this is a real sheet music book. 


    As to the other points, I will take all of the advice on board

  • Skoob_ymSkoob_ym Teacher

    The others have covered the main points very well.


    Using the criterion, "Does it help me understand what I'm buying?" I'd say that the musical score is very effective, so I would keep it. If there is an issue with the white balance in general, I might consider a parchment tone or an off-white background for the score.


    In general, it seems to me to be a very effective cover. With Ron, I would encourage you to increase your fonts; with Daniel, I'd say you can skip the endorsements.



  • Many thanks for all the advice given


    I did increase the font size, which is a great suggestion.


    The idea of the music being printed on off-white is also an excellent idea, but I have already finished the project; but: 


    I have ordered a sample copy for me, and will make any changes based on how it looks as a hard copy


    You can see the book here, along with the cover as it is now


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