A few years ago, I used an image/photograph that I'd taken myself for book cover.  The photo looked fine on my computer, printed, and did not look too bad where it appeared in my 'author spotlight' section here on Lulu.  However, when I received a proof copy in the mail, the image was so dark that the text (title & author) were barely visible. 

As I'm starting to work on a new book, I'm hoping someone can tell me how this occurred, so I don't make the same mistake again. 


For my current book, I found the ideal cover image on  As it has numerous colors in it, I'll have to ask one of my kids for assistance with the text.  But is there any way to know in advance if the final product will turn out right or if I'll have the same problem as the last time? 

My knowledge of GIMP is basically limited to scaling images to the correct size-  never been able to figure out light/dark/color changes, etc. 



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