Creating a Photo Book *without* the Photobook Wizard + CMYK or RBG?



I'm an artist looking to publish a couple of art books, and Lulu was recommended to me for various reasons, specifically the print quality of the photo books.


However, I am not very keen on the templates available in the PhotoBook Wizard, and while I am aware that the layouts can be changed, and know how to change them, it still irks me quite a bit that is is apparently not possible to upload a print ready PDF file for a photo book. 



Is there any way to create a photo book by submitting a PDF file? Or a way to remove that clumsy looking Title Page, considering the font cannot even be changed or the size adjusted?


Furthermore, there is no mention anywhere whether the images should be in CMYK - and if so, which exact colour profile. Or at least I have not found any official Lulu articles covering this, or perhaps providing the colour profile needed for use in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.


  • I am running up against the same issue.


    The Large Landscape, curiously, allows the uploading of a designed PDF file, but none of the others do.

    Printed beautifully, but I found the 12.75x10.75in size ungainly for the short content.


    Would prefer the 9 x 7 format, but that ony has the wizard in Photo Books.

    But the Professional Hardcover only has trade and letter sizes

    Premium Paperback does not have hardcover styles.


    * lines in forehead *

  • I really wish I could just upload fully designed pdfs too! I'm trying to use the 9 x 7 photo book option to create a children's book since it will be image heavy, but the Lulu photo book editor is killing me. I just want to use InDesign :'(  
    (which I did use to layout my text, then saving the individual pages and uploading them into the editor, but it's making the text look weirdly compressed.)

    Lulu developers, please can you make it possible to upload multipage pdfs for Photo Books? 
  • We're working on it!
  • Apart from the Standard paperback options (I would assume, I have never used it!) the paper used for the POD books at Lulu is a nice pristine white, and thicker than most mass-produced books, so create a book not using the Photobook Wizard, buy a proof, and see what it turns out like. That way you can upload a PDF, and with greater control over the pages, but better uploaded as one file of pages.
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