Changes after global distribution/book approved?

I've been waiting for several days for Lulu to answer this; perhaps I can get an assist in this forum.


Simple question:  Possible to chage the interior of my print book AFTER it has been released (and in fact already beginning to be listed on Amazon, etc.)?  I'm not talking about content, which is fine as is.  But, the interior was changed to b&w, when it should be color.


For some reason, on my last revision of the book before I released it to global distribution, Lulu re-set the default to black and white for the interior of the book, and my previous revisions had all been color (vital to the content, due to the color photos).


Now, the version that is appearing in the bookstores is wrong.  The ISBN (which I purchased) has been set, and the book is out in the open.  IS IT POSSIBLE NOW to change the interior of the book from b&w to color?  


It doesn't appear to be.  I've tried to revise, and it won't let me change that setting.  Looks like I'll have to re-release the book with a new ISBN (which I've done in the interim, though I havent "approved" it yet).  


Thanks for the assist

   B. Elwin Sherman


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