I recently uploaded an EPUB file to Lulu eBooks. This was the second revision of this book and I was surprised when Lulu email me and said there was a problem with the metadata; (i.e. the book title and author name on the front cover was not the same as the book title and author name). This is probably because I have included 'Foreword by Kev Richardson' on the front cover.


My question is this: do I need to change both the image I upload on the Lulu wizard and also the front cover image in the EPUB file. I have deleted 'Foreword by Kev ... " from the image uploaded to lulu and am hoping I do not need to pay for another revision to the EPUB file!!!!


  • I would contact support with that one. I think you should be good so long as the metadata matches (cover, title, copyright page) but the best way to be sure is to have someone on the service team review it.
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