Lulu's epub converter isn't recognising .odt's header 1 and header 2

I've been trying, unsuccessfully, to upload my .odt file through lulu's epub converter. It keeps coming up with the 'does not appear to be any chapters in your table of contents' error message.


I have, my title set as Heading 1 on the first line of my doc. I have my copyright at the start of a new page also set as heading 1, ditto on my prologue. All other chapters are Heading 2 and at the start of their pages, formatted with pg breaks where needed. There are no extra spaces (minor error I've spent time fixing) my body text is also now formatted correctly and not using tabs (another minor error message). It keeps telling me its 'fixing/removing' headers and footers even tho they're not in my document. And it won't recognise my chapters for the TOC. As far as I can tell I've done everything correctly, I really need help on this one, its driving me a little crazy. I know Lulu's converter says it accepts .odt, but has anyone else had issues with this?


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