How much does the whole kit and kaboole cost? Ball park answer.

I decided ot rely on crowd funidng to finally after 20 years (I'm 38 now) I want to give my books the respect they deserve and get them "Blitz" published.


I  think the package lists $3K for that service but it doesn't mention proof-reading and editing. i would love to be aggressive with something for once in my life and let poeple know that I'm a writer and I (sorta) believe my stories are a force to reckoned with. I have been told I'm good. I have a hard time convincing myself that.


Someth8ing tells me I don't have another twenty years to fool around with things. So I want to get the books done beore I hit forty. For health reasons I kinda doubt I'll see 50 or 60 or above. I'm not sick and tha's not the point here.


I'm thinking I want to maike a series and such. I know that increases the price  But how much does one book cost to be given the absolute best treatment?


I requested for them to get back to me via emal and I don't have the patience at the moment to call them on the phone as I can't afford the minutes to be on hold. Besidse I'm better at communicating with text anyway.


So those of you who have done it, approximately how much dd you pay for each book to be done up?


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