Who is the publisher of books with Lulu-owned ISBNs?

I've published nine books of my own with Lulu, as well as two anthologies. I've helped others publish books as well. I have always used Lulu-owned ISBNs for the books. In the step where you get the ISBN, if you select a Lulu-owned ISBN it says Lulu is the publisher.


I have always put Published by Lulu Press on the copyright page of the books, and in the final step of the publishing wizard where you enter the publisher name I put Lulu as well. In all retailer websites under the publisher field it says Lulu.com for all the books.


I always thought that Lulu was the publisher (even though I technically do everything myself to publish the books - manuscript formatting, editing, covers, and creating the book on lulu...) especially because I use Lulu-owned ISBNs. And that is why I put in the copyright page Published by Lulu Press.


I've recently discovered the Lulu publishing guide and there it says that Lulu is NOT the publisher; the author is. Also when I am in any of my book project pages, and click on the question mark icon next to the publisher field, it says the same thing - that the author is the publisher and not Lulu. So, who is actually the publisher - me or Lulu?


And what is the correct thing to put on the copyright page then? Is it incorrect that I've written Published by Lulu Press on the copyright page? I certainly have no intention of republishing the books just to change it to Published by author name, unless that would be a must! I have no issue with books saying Published by Lulu Press in the copyright page. I just want to make sure that what I put on the copyright page is correct.


Also, it seems to me that because I am using Lulu-owned ISBNs no matter what name I put in the publisher field on Lulu, outside Lulu my books will still say lulu.com in the publisher field. Am I wrong? And if that is the case, is there even a point of coming up with a publisher imprint to use for any future books I publish (as someone suggested to me) , if on online retailers it will still say lulu.com in the publisher field?  




  • Anyone looking up the book by ISBN (if Lulu owns the ISBN) will be directed to Lulu. So if I bookstore buys through the Ingrams guide, as far as they can tell, Lulu.com is the publisher. But as far as the benefits and responsibilites of being the publisher, well, that's you.


    If you choose to list lulu as the publisher on the copyright page, well, no harm done. Anyone going to lulu for your book will wind up on your book's lulu page.


    If you choose to list yourself on the copyright page, I would still put "Available through lulu.com" because you want folks to buy the book through Lulu.

  • So I can keep writing Published by Lulu Press on the copyright page? And if I were to say Published by me that would be allowed even if the ISBN is not my own but owned by Lulu?

  • Skoob_ymSkoob_ym Teacher

    Yes, and yes.


    Si, claro.


    Oui, naturellement.

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