"Anthology" of my students' short stories for the year - HELP!??!

I want to complie an "Anthology" of short stories for my students as an end of year project and gift.   

They have all submitted digital WORD.DOC copies to me, including an illustrated cover page.   


Book layout will be illustrated cover page, student story, illustrated cover page, story, etc.....

Can I go in and "VIEW" or "EDIT" to add an odd page to get each new story to start on.    (Ie - if I go to print ready, can I edit there, or will I have to delete and start over)?


What is the best (simplest, most effecient) method to upload these 14 INDIVIDUAL files to make it look like an even seamless book?  


I am new to this, strapped on time, and am already frustrated.   Smiley Sad   





  • Here's what I would do:

    First, figure out which short stories need a spacer page after them. Then I would make two new files.


    Front Matter.Doc would be the Title page, Copyright page if any, and the TOC.

    Spacer.Doc would be a single blank page in Word.


    Then I would go through the wizard and upload them IN THIS ORDER:


    Front Matter.Doc



    Story 2.doc




    Story 27.doc


    Remember that the publishing wizard will assemble the book in the order that the files were uploaded. If you upload the Front Matter.doc last, it will be at the END of the book instead of the beginning.


    Also, if you replace any individual file, DELETE ALL of them from the wizard and upload again in the correct order. Files MUST be uploaded in order.


    And at that point, Bob would be my uncle.

  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    I have never understood why people submit more than one document.


    Can you not just start a new Word document and then copy and paste each story into the new document and insert the pictures between stories? It would be best to then convert your Word document to PDF before you submit it to the Lulu converter because with PDF what you see is what you get; there will be no nasty surprises.

  • Once in a while, Word will decide to move pictures around, especially if the margin sizes vary even slightly. Also, it can be a little tricky to use sections without accidentally resetting to the default font. I have uploaded two or three docs to create an interior, and it has worked for me.


    It would be quite an undertaking to insert 14 plus the spacer pages, but it would give one a very granular control of the material.

  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    Like DanielBlue, I'd suggest you created a single document, hence with the same margins from the beginning to the end, continuous page numbering, hence the possibility to create a table of contents. It goes without saying that you'll upload the PDF version of the book to Lulu.

    As it stands, your multiple project is fraught with potential problems.

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