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Hello, I love a challenge! However, this one is really taxing!!! I am trying to create my ebook, but my book has NO chapters as it is written in a series of letters. There are new pages for each new letter, but the ebook creator is adamant it needs chapters. Is every letter, therefore, a chapter? 


Help - I'm really struggling with this!!

Thank you


  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    All you need to do is assign Heading Style 1 to the title of your book and to the first line

    of your copyright notice and it will pass through the conversion and distribution


  • Thank you - I will try that now.



  • Nope - still not working! Will not accept it - still saying I need chapters???


  • here's the file - am I missing something?

  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    This is an ebook; you do not need a table of contents. Remove it as setting a Heading style will automatically create a table of contents.


    The name of your book should be on the very first line of your manuscript; this is uber important. You need to assign Heading Style 1 to the name of your book (on the ribbon of the Home tag in Word). The name of your book does not need to appear in the copyright notice.


    This is all you need:


    The Omega Letters (assign Heading style 1)


    Copyright 2017 © S.L. Coyne (assign Heading Style 1 )

    All rights reserved

    ISBN: (enter the ISBN which Lulu gave you here)


    If you want your book to be distributed to Amazon, Nook, Google, etc you will need an ISBN which you can get free of charge from Lulu.

  • Thank you - it worked and now I've just published my book - thank you


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