Styling the title after publication

Hi, I published my ebooks a very long time ago but only just discovered that they have been distrubuted to Amazon etc so I tried to make that happen, but I've received this message: " * Please style the title and chapter headings in your document as Heading 1, to add them as links in your NCX". My question is, how do I do this please? do I have to re-publish the whole thing? or is there a simpler way of doing this? Many thanks


  • ooops, I mean they have NOT been distributed..
  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    Go back to the original manuscript document and highlight the title of your book and click Heading 1. Do the same with the first line of your copyright notice. Now start a revision of the book in the Lulu wizard. Delete the old copy and upload your revised document and have the converter generate your epub file. It will now meet the distribution criteria and be distributed to Amazon and wherever else you choose to distribute it to.

  • Thanks for your reply. It's all become a nightmare now! I don't have my original manuscript on this computer so I went into revision and downloaded the file but then I could only open it in 'open office' as this computer doesn't have ms word, it will only open as a pdf which looks like a different language! I can't see where or how to do the changes I need to do! Also I'm worried now that my book's no longer 'for sale' as it's stuck in 'revise' mode now?! Grrrrrr I wish I'd just left it alone now! Smiley Sad

  • If you can I'd get an USB thumb drive. They are very cheap and back up all documents you use for writing. I save mine to a separate hard drive just in case. But going to my projects was a good idea. If you uploaded a word document it should still be there.

  • Thanks for your advice. I appreciate it. Yes the file in 'my projects' only opens as a coded doc that I can't read therefore I can't edit it. All this just to change the title to 'header1'! Grrrr


    Anyone know how much it would cost to get someone (or Lulu) to do it for me?


    I think I must have originally written it using an old program (not MSW) that this computer doesn't recognise as this only has 'OpenOfficeWrite' and I don't know how to convert a file to make it readable...if anyone knows how to do that I would appreciate it? Smiley Embarassed


    Also, while my 'project' is in revise mode will it still be available to purchase on my spotlight page?

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