Just want to query these two statements from the Lulu Knowledge Base:


How long will it take for my Print book to appear on Amazon?


If your book meets all distribution requirements, it will be passed along to the retail sites associated with your distribution package. Please note that online booksellers update their databases monthly. Therefore it could take approximately 6-8 weeks for your book to be listed for sale on these retail sites.


How long will it take for my eBook to appear on a retailer’s site?


If your eBook passes the retailer’s review, it will be queued for addition to the retailer’s online catalog and should be available for purchase in 2-4 weeks. Each retailer has their own process for reviewing, approving, and listing eBooks on their sites.



My latest print project novel appeared on Amazon only 1 week after approving for distribution. The eBook version of same novel is still not there after 7+ weeks.

I also updated the price on my previous existing novel 7+ weeks ago. The new price for the print version appeared on Amazon after 3 weeks. The new price for the eBook version is still not there. (7+weeks later) Previously when I published a novel as an eBook it appeared on Amazon after only 2 weeks. (consistent with above Lulu advice)

I-books, Kobo, Nook, Barnes & Noble, Google Books had all listed my latest project and updated prices for existing book after only a week.

This discrepancy in publication and pricing update times doesn’t tie in with Lulu’s advice above. Maybe I should be patient and wait another 3 – 4 days until the 6-8 week deadline expires. Considering the discrepancy in the above advice, I imagine I’ll be posting again in a few days time.    


  • The print book time is generally 6 weeks, but depending on when you submit and when we send, it can happen much more quickly. The 1 week to retailer timing is unlikely to happen again.
    For the ebook, it seems likely something is amiss in the distribution process. I would get a support ticket into our customer voice team to inquire about that.
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