Image dimensions for uploading an image for ebook cover



Just wanted to check the dimensions when uploading an image to replace the default cover for an ebook.


Is it 500 pixels x 500 pixels?


What other considerations / exclusions apply when uploading an image to the ebook wizard to create a new cover?


Please advise.


Thanks. Brian


  • wildwindwildwind Publisher

    e book cover images needs to be a minimum of 612 x 792 pixels and

    a minimum of of 96 dpi.

  • Thanks, but is there a maximum size? When you upload the image is it better to have it in a bigger size e.g. 1500 X 1500 pixels. A rethere any other considerations other than size that I need to worry about?




  • 612 x 792 pixels is the exact size of the thumbnail. If you upload an image any larger, we'll try to size it down to that. I recommend uploading at 612 x 792 to avoid any resizing.
    For resolution, you can go a little higher, but I wouldn't exceed 150dpi, and really, higher resolution isn't going to have an impact, as the thumbnail is only viewed on screens.
  • Thanks Paul. I'm thinking of using a JPEG image from Shutterstock or a similar site. Are these types of images (JPEG or vector) suitable for using in the ebook cover? Do I need to worry about the image being in RGB format? Please advise. Kind regards. Brian

  • A JPEG image should be fine. I would do RGB for the color space, as it won't be printed.
  • Hi


    I'm uploading a new cover for my e-book " and have received an unrecoverable error before completion of the publishing process. What do I need to do to rectify this problem? Many thanks. Kind regards. Brian

  • I suggest opening a support ticket and having someone on staff look at the project.
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