Postage costs too high.

On odering our books we have to wait so long for them to arrive, uless we choose premium postage.

Why do we have to pay so much for postage, and wait so long?. I'd lke to sell my books n local, and independent book shops, but paying so much for postage, means after the book shop takes their percentage. I make nothing. Does anyone else have this problem, and think postage should be halved at least or free. I'm sure Lulu make enough revinew as it is.


  • I agree postage is a little high. I pay $4.99 for one book. But there are discounts if you buy I think 15 books or more. And there are discount codes on the main page everyday for shipping or book purchases. Have you checked those out?

  • Thank you friend. That's a lot for one book and the waiting time, I'd expect to be much quicker.. 15 books, I'd be very lucky to sell that many a year, even after promoting my books.if I raise the purchase price of my book to cover postage it's still little profit giving to book stores directly. the book becomes too expensive. I'll look into the discount voucher. Many thanks.Pete.

  • I would think that you'd do better selling your books on Amazon and other outlets via lulu. I have one kindle that sells 45 to 100 copies a month on there. And I'm not that good of a writer. Just got lucky on this one. Brick and Mortar stores are hard to make anything for us after shipping , etc there isn't much left.  But use that in addition to the bookstore you're using then maybe sales would add up.

  • Yes friend I think your right.It's a shae as many book stores have offered to take my books, but the price of postage is much too high to make any profit.As for ypu, to sell that many boos per month is a huge success, You must be a better writer than you think. We creative people are our own worse critics, it's never good enough. It sho;ld inspire us to grow and get better at our craft. I am not brilliant. But I'm doing what I enjoy, writing. and hope somewhere, someone enjoys my book. It's not so much a money thing, but leaving a legacy that hopefully will live on for people to enjoy long after I'm gone. I left a footprint my mark. and hoefully will be renembered. , along with my thoughts and experiances. Thank you very much. your feedback is always much apreciated. Best wishes. Pete.

  • Dear Moogster1 - can I just say that I got a great chuckle out of reading your post (that was riddled with typographical errors...  and to see your title as Proofreader.   I'm sure you were sitting awkward on your laptop and your pinky finger will linger to the ; key to hit the letter u or your first finger just decided to take a nap when typing the word shame, it decided to not to work or maybe just hover over the letter for a quick moment before jumping back to hover over the j to then decide later if it wants to be used by you in your next word.  Anyway... it just gave me a quick giggle.  


    Please note, I'm not laughing at you... nor am I making fun of you for not writing properly or that you don't know how to spell.  I think we can agree that when we start typing super fast, we just get carried away and not using our little backspace friend, that can then help us correct the words.


    have a great day!  (Please I hope I didn't have any errors above!)


  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    Postage varies from country to country. In France, a Lulu book ordered on Sunday is delivered to my home on Friday or Saturday. Postage for last week's parcel (4 books) was 8.49€, including the perfect cardboard wrapping for the Colissimo system. It's the standard cost in France .

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