Google Play

Is there a delay in the March report for Google Play aales?


  • Same thing has happened me. The Amazon sales came up but not the Google Play.

  • I read on another thread that they should be in by tomorrow night (Monday)


    Usually they all come at the same time...maybe I was checking my reports too early?

  • They are still not in.

  • Can a mod (or someone else) comment on this?

  • We're not showing any delays on our end for reporting. Retailers are allowed up to 8 weeks for reporting, so its possible sales you see that aren't reporting will post in the next cycle.
  • Ok Thanks.

  • The Google Play sales are again missing. The amazon sales are there. Surely there must be something wrong.

  • Hi Jack,

    I responded on another thread too: we are working with Google to resolve a reporting issue.
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