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Ebook retailer FAQ (Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc.)

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How can I get my book on other retail sites?

Lulu offers free print and eBook distribution options that will get your book into the global marketplace. This network reaches online print book retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and retailers in the Ingram catalog network. Lulu also provides eBooks distribution (English content only) for Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, and all online eBooks distributors associated with the Ingram network.

Important Note: Amazon Kindle and Kobo distribution is not yet available for authors residing in Australia. 

For more information about our free distribution options and revenue potential, see Distribution Services.

To access your distribution options, use the Manage button on your My Projects page. To learn more about how to manage your retail distribution options, see How to use the Manage Distribution Page.

How do I choose a distribution package?

If your print or eBook includes an ISBN and meets all distribution requirements, you can choose to distribute it to online retailers. For more information about our print and eBook distribution options, see Sell Your Books Everywhere.

To learn more about our available distribution services, see What Distribution services does Lulu offer?

Important Note: For printed books, you must purchase and approve a proof copy before your book will be queued for distribution.

To choose distribution options:

1.  Log into your account

2.  Go to My Projects to view your project list.

3.  Click the Manage distribution icon for the project.

Note: If your book does not include an ISBN, you will not see the Manage icon.

4.  Select the Distribution package to apply to your book.

5.  Congratulations! Your book is now queued for distribution and will be available for purchase on retail sites in 6-8 weeks.

Additional Information

eBook Retail Distribution Guidelines

When will my book show up on retail sites?

How long will it take for my Print book to appear on Amazon?

Once you approve your book for retail distribution, Lulu personnel, as well as distribution printers, will review your book to ensure it meets all distribution requirements. If your book is rejected for not meeting distribution requirements, you will be notified by email that the book must be revised.

If your book meets all distribution requirements, it will be passed along to the retail sites associated with your distribution package. Please note that online booksellers update their databases monthly. Therefore it could take approximately 6-8 weeks for your book to be listed for sale on these retail sites.

Your book will start to show up on retailers’ sites 6-8 weeks after you approve the title.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your book is revised or rejected prior to distribution, the process and starts again from the beginning.

How long will it take for my eBook to appear on a retailer’s site?

When you submit your eBook for distribution, it is queued with all other eBooks awaiting review. On average, the Lulu team will review your eBook within a week of submission.

If your eBook passes the Lulu QA review, it will be submitted to the selected retailers for final review. The eBook distribution status will be updated to Listed.

If your book passes the retailer’s review, it will be queued for addition to the retailer’s online catalog and should be available for purchase in 2-4 weeks. Each retailer has their own process for reviewing, approving, and listing eBooks on their sites.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All times are estimates and vary depending on demand.

Amazon Kindle Minimum Pricing

All retailers in our distribution network require that we set minimum prices for our eBooks.

Amazon’s Kindle minimum pricing requirements mandate that we have a uniform price. All eBooks submitted to Amazon Kindle must have a minimum price of 0.99 in all currencies.

Because Lulu offers pricing in a variety of currencies, our minimum price will vary with the region.

For example, an eBook set to Lulu’s minimum USD price of $0.99 will have a EURO and GBP minimum of 0.49. This discrepancy will result in Amazon rejecting some eBooks submitted with a price set to $0.99.

At this time, to avoid Amazon rejection from distribution due to this issue, you can set your eBook price at $1.99 or higher to ensure the price exceeds Amazon minimum.

Amazon EU Availability FAQ

What European Amazon sites will receive my books?

In addition to Amazon UK, your books are available on Amazon France, Germany, Spain, and Italy.

Which books will be available on these European Amazon sites?

All new or revised titles published with distribution.

What happens if I revise or retire my book?

Any revisions or retirements will be pushed to European Amazon sites.

How will sales on these sites be reported to me?

Sales are reported on a monthly basis and can be viewed from the My Lulu > My Revenue page. Please note that revenue displayed on this page is a cumulative estimate. Revenue is converted to the author's preferred currency based on the officially published rate on the date Lulu issues payment to the creator.

How do I get newer books into the European Amazon sites?

All eligible new and revised projects are distributed to Amazon UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy.

How do I get my eBook on the iBookstore?

Requirements: What to do: How prices are set:

Pricing must comply with Apple's guidelines. In the pricing step of the eBook Publishing Wizard, you can set any price for your eBook. Lulu will sell it at that price in the Lulu Marketplace. The iBookstore however, uses tiered pricing to standardize book prices. Lulu will automatically round your price to the nearest valid Apple pricing Tier in each currency. Apple’s pricing tiers vary by country. On the USA iBookstore the price must end in $.99, and cannot exceed $99.99 if you choose to sell.

iBookstore Price & Revenue Calculator

How much do I make per sale?

The Apple iBookstore operates under an Agency model, which means it retains 30% of revenue from retail sales in the iBookstore. The author receives 90% of the remaining revenue and Lulu receives 10%.

  • Example: A $9.99 book sold in the Apple iBookstore results in $6.29 of author revenue.
    $9.99 - $3 (to Apple) = $6.99 - $.70 (to Lulu) = $6.29 (to author)

Author revenues for ebooks sold in the EU iBookstore are calculated on the amount remaining after VAT and the iBookstore commission is paid. Beginning January 20, 2015 VAT rates for eBooks will be based on the buyer’s country of residenceeBook VAT Rates by Country

  • Example: A €9.99 eBook purchased by a reader in France
    €9.99 - 5.5% VAT = €9.44 - €2.83 (to Apple) = €6.61 - €0.66 (to Lulu) = €5.95 (to Author)
When do I get paid from Apple sales?

Revenue from sales on the iBookstore will show up on your My Lulu > My Revenue page, just like printed book sales. They will follow the same rules as other projects. See: When are Creator Revenues Paid?

Will my eBook be available for purchase on the international iBookstores?

Once your eBook is approved by Apple's Quality Assurance team, it will be available for download from all iBookstores. Click here for a current list of iBookstores and supported products listed by country.

How do I remove my eBook from the iBookstore?
  • Go to your Project List
  • Click the Manage distribution button next to the title of the eBook you want to remove.
  • Deselect the iBookstore to remove your eBook from this distribution channel. 

Your request to remove your eBook from the iBookstore will be passed along to Apple, who will execute the request when they next update their online catalog.

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