I'm brand new here: Questions about journals

Hi everyone! 


I am brand new to the world of creating a book, publishing etc. And I hope I can find some help here with all the questions in my mind. To begin, let me tell you...I don't know anything. Smiley Happy So my questions will be very zero level beginner.


I have been wanting to design a colorful journal. A gratitude journal with watercolor backgrounds. And spiral binding. 365 pages of journal. I have these questions:


1. My gratitude journal will have 365 days of gratitude, and each day has a morning section, and a night section. I would like them both to be on the same paper - front and back. How do I do that and upload? If it is a pdf, won't it just do one side of the paper? 


2. What software should I use to create the journal pages? I have created the morning and night pages on Canva.com. But how do I do 365 pages?


3. Any advices or links to read you can provide to learn about journal creation will be helpful!


Thank you so much,



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    Hello Swati,


    I'll give you some bits of information and someone else can jump in hopefully and fill in the rest.


    Take a Word document, make it 8.75 x11.25. First page is on right (odd), following pages will face each other. Place your text and images, print PDF using DoPDF (free software) and upload. Order a proof and see what you have, make adjustments to work doc ifreuired, reprint PDF, upload and order a final proof.


    Spiral does not have distribution. Perfect bound does.


    Click on Publish and start. You will figure out the process as you move along.


    Good luck.



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  • Thank you! I'll do that :-)))

  • One other thing... Full color pages will be more expensive than grayscale. If price is a consideration, full color backgrounds might not be practical.
  • Yes I'm wondering about that. So I will create the project and see how much it comes to. Thanks!

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