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There is a print book on Amazon, with an ISBN number, which is available for purchasing.  I am looking to make a FREE eBook that accompanies the print book.  The eBook must be accessed AFTER the print book has been purchased.  Is that possible through Lulu?  How can I ensure that the process is 1. Paid book purchased first, 2. FREE eBook after purchase.


Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.


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    Publish the print book, set the price you want. Publish the ebook, set the price at zero. Amazon will automatically link the two if they are identical in title and content. However, you cannot ensure that they buy the print book before they can download the ebook.


    What you can do is create a Direct Access ebook project, priced as Free, and place the link within your print book, at the end that way people who simply look at the preview -- perhaps hundreds--will not have the link without buying first.



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  • Thank you for the two solutions.

    The print book is already on Amazon so to add a link within the book would mean creating the entire book all over again. Plus, I have been promoting the book across various places with the current ISBN number.

    The eBook and the Print book are not identical in title and content. 

    The eBook is a little 'Thank you' to the female purchasers.  The eBook is with reference to an aspect of womens health, so it would not be directly useful to men.

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    You're welcome.


    You can simply create a revision of the interior and place the link within (of any ebook/s). No new ISBN. Less than eight weeks to update on Amazon.


    Best of luck to you.

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