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I created a picture book for print with Lulu last year. each page is an illustration.  The writing part of the book is a hand drawn font imbeded into the illustrations.  Can this type of book be distributed as an ebook? all the instructions on this site have been strickly geared to text based ebooks.




  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    Yes, it can.


    In Word make images 6 inches in height, compress images to 96 dpi, assign Heading Style 1 to title, convert to epub using Lulu, preview, edit in epub editor if necessary.

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  • Maggie


    I would be grateful if you could help. I have been having problems with pictures in ebooks - they are always too small and don't fill the screen.


    I've just tried setting my pictures to 6 inches high and reducing the dpi to 96 but I still have the same problem. When looking

    at the preview on Kindle the book's cover fills the screen but the actual images look like postage stamps. What am i doing wrong?

  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    Hi Sandra,


    Even if you  make them 21 inches and 600 dpi the images will look small in Kindle. There is a feature to increase size, zoom in etc.


    If you want to see what your images really look like, preview in Adobe Digital Editions. Go by that. If they fit on the two page view, large, you're good.



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