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table of contents

I have submitted my manuscript but the table of contents is well done what should I do?


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    I'm guessing that you meant that the Table of Contents is NOT well done. The Table of Contents is generated by assigning Heading Style 1 to the title of your book and to the title of the chapters. Don't try to insert a TOC. There are no pages in an ebook so a TOC listing the start page of each chapter is somewhat redundant.


    If this is what is causing you the problem, strip out your TOC, assign Heading Style 1 as advised and then delete the old file and resubmit your Word document so that it is correctly converted to epub.

  • I'm having the same problem.  No matter how many times, I revise following the instructions, delete and submit I still get the same error message :


    Hmmm, we noticed an unusually high number of chapters, suggesting you may have improper chapter divisions in your document.

    Table of Contents


    • untitled
      • Chapter 1
      • Chapter 2
      • Chapter 3
      • Chapter 4
      • Chapter 5
      • Chapter 6  Then it has the rest of the text I have written for Chapters 6 thru 30

    HELP!!!!   I'm stressed on this!

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