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Trying to publish poetry book without table of contents. System will not take it. Any good advice. Thanks. Rainer Loveiam 


  • You need to first explain what it is you have done in your file? How have you tried to create the TOC? Etc.

  • Ah, you say you do not have a TOC, but you have to have a TOC or it will not process the file.


    All you need to do is highlight the Title on the title page and apply Heading Style 1 to it, and the word Copyright as a title on the copyright page with HS 1, and then it will pass.

  • Hi Rainer,

    You can fulfill the table of contents requirement by simply setting your title in Heading 1 (make sure its the first line of the first page too).

    For a poetry book, I would set your poem titles in Heading 2 as well, so they will appear in the eReader's searchable table of contents. That's optional though.
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