I used template uploaded in pdf- it says Print file created- but if I download I get blackscreen?


I am trying something else that seems to be working thanks- will advise








This is one I have been working on for hours- I have tried using new templates and then cutting and pasting everything in again.. no joy.

Strange though if I just use the odt file, (before I convert to pdf) the system accepts it and lets me download the print ready ok.. but the spacing is off in some of the formatting and I obviously cant adjust it..


Both the main odt file I create and the pdf (I exported) look fine the issue is when I upload.


I even tried deleting all the formatting.. in case there was an error in it - same problem. 

I think its gonna be a nightmare for me? 


I used open office to create the file and did one for another book which all went fine?


I dont know what else to do other than ask I guess if someone could take the text of my book and save it in a format so I can upload it without getting the  blackscreen error? 

Maybe Lulu could help directly?


Is this a known prob please? thanks for any advice



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