On Demand through lulu, Ebook elsewhere?

Scanned through and didn't see anything, so if this is answered already I appologize.

I use a different service for publishing a couple of Ebooks, and I am interested in using Lulu to offer a printed option.


This might be silly, but on amazon for example, will both the Ebook edition and the print edition show up under the same ASIN, or would the be under separate product pages? (same for Barnes and Noble.)




  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    All the different formatsare linked on Amazon and Kindle so if a potential buyer

    lands on the print book page they could click a link to see the ebook version.

    If they land on the Kindle page they could follow the link to see the print book.


    Ebooks and print books have different ISBNs so they each have their own page.

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