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It appears that the barcodes generated here only have the EAN/ ISBN (and no prices, unlike most other books). Is there a way to do that? How do I display the price on the book? Just type it out like the title?






  • Your book will be sold online by many retailers and resellers. Each one will set the price they want (in different currencies), and you will be paid the royalty you established here. It's really not a good idea to add a price.


    However, if you would like to use a barcode with a price there are several free online barcode generators. You can do a Google search.


    Here is one:


    ISBN free barcode generator with bar width reduction (vector PDF, AI, EPS)

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    I don't recall pricing information included in an ISBN Barcode. Normally they are in Point Of Sale barcodes, which are not at all the same thing.


    If you look on a lot of books the price is shown separately as a price (in the case of many hardbacks it is on an inner corner of the dustjacket so it can be cut off when giving the book as a gift) if a price is actually shown at all.


    As Maggie rightly says, leave off any pricing.

  • Thank you both; I will leave out the price. 

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