Why does Fulfilling take so long compared to Amazon?

I published my new poetry book on the 20th and ordered a proof copy and now it's the 25th and it is still Fulfilling! I wanted a copy by the 28th where I'm reading at a Festival but now it seems I'll have to read from printouts.


I don't understand why it takes so long to print. Post yes 1-3 days but printing is on demand. When people order my other books off Amazon they get it the next day, if they have prime, or a couple of days normally but the thing still has to be printed and processed yet they can do it in less than a day. So why does Lulu take so long?


Am I missing something here?


  • Amazon works on the weekend. 24/7


    Lulu was closed Friday, Saturday, Sunday. So today is the third day.

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  • Thanks for the reply but this still doesn't explain why Amazon can print the same day and post the next whereas as you say this is the third day and still fulfilling.

  • Our printers all work on a 3-5 business day printing time. Amazon utilizes a wider range of printers, and pays less attention to quality than our printers will. This speeds up the process, but lowers the quality standard. That's a trade off we decided was worth it for our customers.
    Competing with Amazon on shipping is something all b businesses must struggle with. We do our best to offer quick, efficient, and reliable shipping. But at this time we simply can't match the speed of Amazon with their Prime shipping network.
  • Ah, thanks for that, Paul. You've given me pause for thought now. I've never ordered any of my books off Amazon only from Lulu and yes I agree the quality is very good. I have bought a POD poetry book off Amazon and the some of the printing was weak and feint.


    I've not had anyone contact me about any of mine bought off Amazon though.


    Hmmm certainly someting to think about!


    Wish I'd known about Lulu being closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Was it on the front page?

  • We're usually active Monday-Friday, with weekends off. Our printers are scheduled for the same, though they occasionally will be off on a day we're working, or vice-versa.
    If we are having a printer closure for a holiday or any other reason (like hardware upgrade) we try to post it in the Announcements forum.
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    One does not have such problems with e-books.  Smiley Happy

  • This is the first time we have tried LuluJr (so not sure this is the right thread) but similar issue with delay.  My daughter spent hours creating a 100 word book (only 11 pages) for her 100 day of school project due Feb 7th.  


    I spent extra money to send it express next day shipping and confirmed with LuluJr that it was received on Jan 19.  It is now Feb 2nd (2 weeks) and still am told her project is "still in production" and has not yet been sent to printing.  The marketing page of the kit states "Books are printed in the USA in less than two weeks from the date received".  This is definitely not the case.  I have called and emailed customer support several times for assistance as my 8 year old is so excited about presenting her book for her project but thus far, it sadly does not seem like it will happen, which will be hugely disappointing.  


    So can you please explain this?  Parents should be forewarned to avoid significant disappointment if this is going to be the case.  


    In case you are reading this and might be able to assist, her case number is VU1031454LY 

  • I am not sure that this is the right place to complain never mind thread.  All I can find for LuluJr is this >>   http://www.lulujr.co.uk/  and Places such as Amazon to buy it from.  In the kit's blurb is there no specific place to complain to?  Where is whatever is created in the kit sent or uploaded to?



    Ok, by a roundabout way (FAQs on Amazon!) I found this >>>  https://www.lulujr.com/help


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