Font on title page

Am I correct that there is only one font option on the title page of a photobook? This is also the only page for which we cant use an image?




  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    I cannot say I have ever used it, but your image is showing the box for naming the Project.

    Like the 'normal' Project Wizards it uses that for the default text that appears on the covers in the Cover Wizard section. But it can all be adjusted within the template once the Project name has been picked.

    When you Save/close that box does the page behind it not then give you the option to fiddle with the text? Make it larger and change the font etc? Even perhaps add an image?

  • There Appear to be NO editing/formatting options on the Title Pages of Photo Books. It just puts up the Project text in the default size and font.


    Switching to or from a Blank to a Formatted Theme does not allow you to format the Title Page.

    Disapointing, at worst unacceptable.
    This is NOT a product for Artists, Serious Photographers or Design Professionals.


    Lulu may be leaving money on the table here...

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