Ordered a print book but the pages are off center how do I get support for this?



I orderd a print book but the pages in the book are clearly off center. The content is low on the page leaving a large gap on top of the page. My Microsoft Word Doc shows all content clearly centered in the page with no additional spacing on top so I beleive this is a problem that can be fixed by Lulu but I'm not sure how to fix/contact them to ask how to get it fixed. Can someone assist me? 


  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    Did you submit a Word document? It is always best to convert your Word document

    to a PDF before submitting it to Lulu. This way you will know exactly what your book

    will look like. It is possible that this is just a printing glitch or - if you did not submit

    a PDF - that something went wrong in the conversion process.


    If this is a printing glitch click on the Support link then click on My Orders and follow

    the links through to I Still Need Help. A dialogue box will appear and you can tell

    Lulu what the problem is.


  • DanielBlue is right. Always send a PDF.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Yup, there always seems to be fewer problems if you upload a PDF. Word will Save As a PDF. But it may not always be the answer though.

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