The Print book process made easy?


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    The thing about self-publishing is that you are responsible for every single aspect of your book. You have to write it, edit it, proof read it, format it, design a cover and then upload it to Lulu. This extends to seeking out information on the publishing process and engaging with said information. Everything you need to know is on the Lulu website; you just have to look for it.


    Once you have written your book you have to decide what size book you wish to publish. 6 x 9 is a common format for fiction, for example. Margins are usually half an inch (minimum requirement) or an inch; again it is your decision. Once you have decided on your book size change the size of the Word document to match that book size. Incidentally you don 'buy to publish' anything. You create a book and offer it for sale. Part of that process is that you have to buy a proof copy to check that your book looks as you expect it to look before your book can be distributed beyond Lulu.


    If you want to have pictures in your book insert them into the Word document instead of copying and pasting them.


    When your Word document looks the way you want it to convert it to PDF in exactly the same size. For example if you are going to publish a 6 x 9 inch book and you have made your Word document 6 x 9 set the PDF to 6 x 9 too. The reason you should submit a PDF is that your book will look exactly like the PDF does; there will be no nasty surprises in the conversion process. If you submit a Word document it has to be converted to PDF and, although not likely, things may go wrong, especially if photographs are involved. doPDF is one programme that works, consistently. I have seen post in the forum from people who have tried the Mac to PDF conversion and were having problems.


    In summary:

    Write your book

    Decide on the book size you wish to publish (Click on Create on Lulu website to explore options)

    Format your Word document to match this book size

    Convert your Word document to PDF

    Upload PDF to Lulu

    Buy a proof copy and then approve your book for distribution

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    englishdad wrote:

    Thank you sir,


    One problem I live abroad where the post is very bad there's no way I could get a proof by post. Can they email it? 


    The postings you make in here are quite amusing or sad, I am not sure which. How can a printed book be sent via email? But still you do not say if you mean a printed book or an ebook because your postings seem to be randomly about both. If you mean an ePub, they you do not need a Proof, you just download the first resulting ePub and read it.


    I will add one other comment:


    I know its self-publishing but if a step by step guide is not provided, self-publishing will be hard or even impossible to do.


    It is, and not only on Lulu, why not try reading the Help guides one at a time, step by step?


    Ebooks are fairly easy,


    Actually, they are not as easy as you may think, but have you even done one yet?


    but print books are the next game level! It is a lonely experience. 


    Not really they are not. You only have to consider that the pages have to look like the pages of a printed book. Once you sort that out, as each page is auto-created, they will carry the settings on. You only really need to format one page ... (apart from a Section or three ...)


    Self-publishers bring platforms like Amazon etc. money, so it is in their interest to provide a solid professional guide on how to do it.


    I use Lulu and Amazon, and they do. It's not Quantum Physics.


    It is not an elitist club. Anyone can cobble together a book or e~Book,


    Judging off all your other postings, but apparently not you? But the way you say that rings alarm bells.


    and it may or may not sell but if they can't even get to put it online they will never know. The logic is wrong.


    Millions a week manage to self-publish and often even by fully DIY.  I wont bother to say what I mean by "fully".


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    One problem I live abroad


    BTW. What do you mean by that? "Abroad" to where?

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