Centering issue with labels - in Studio

With the STUDIO tool, there is a centering problem that gets created when one needs to create a label that offers a few lines of horizontal text in its text box (see attached file): Inside the text box, the entire text is "PUSHED DOWNWARD" and a :white river (unused space) is created at the top of the text block. Result is that the text is not centered vertically properly insiide the label space. This is very much disturbing for professionals.


The problem is difficult to describe w/o actually showing it in existence, so I created a dummy project, to take a pic of the problem while it exists, and then deleted the dummy project after that. Then I will come back here and add the pic showing the problem in existence.



OK. Herewith:
See the pic titled "LABEL OFF CENTER". See how the TOOL BOX pushes the available vertical space downwards. This will create the problem in question. The tool box is not supposed to take DATA space away - but it does. This is an oversight by the Design Engineer. Can be rectified surely.


In the pic, the "FORMAT YOUR TEXT" tool box straddles the label in the area at the top of the label. This is what causes the TEXT in the label to not be centered anymore after one leaves the toolbox. The problem is seen ONLY if one needs to fill the label with a few horizontal lines of data one-after-the-other vertically. If one puts ONLY ONE horizontal line of data, the problem does not exist. Intricate label editing problem.

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