cover text for phonebook

I am putting together a photo book named Remembering the Past: St. John's History in Photographs. I want this title on the cover. My name is mixed in with the title, and I did not edit my name into the cover.


In addition, I have a title page with this title on the page and also my name Jane Gilgun as author. 


I would like to remove my name from the cover if it is going to stay mixed in with  the title. I did edit out my name for the cover, but it also took out my name for the title page.


Please tell me how to fix this.


  • To edit the title/author information, you'll need to open up the project (or create a revision if you've finished it) and then click under the "File" tab. There is an option under there to edit the title and author.
  • There's a better way. In the cover wizard, can't you simply delete the text in the title and author text boxes?  I did this because my cover art already included the title and author.  Deleting it from the file section leaves you a book with no title or author, no?



  • The photobook tool requires a title, but you should be able to leave the author entry blank.
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