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Is it possible to make a coupon code to give to potential customers? I see where I can set a discount, but it looks like a public discount, but I think that with coupon codes, I could track where customers are coming from.


  • There are discount codes on the main page of this site. You can also click the box in your preferences to recieves emails with codes as well. They do have a time limit. But you won't be able to track customers as far as I know. The only way you might do that is make your own site advertising your books. You'd have to buy copies and ship them. Another possibility is when getting an order from your own site you could place it here and have it shipped to them. Not sure if there is any other way.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    That has been requested many times over the years but has never been implemented by Lulu.

    As previously said, Lulu do almost weekly have special discounts on offer, but they are site-wide. If you are fast you can tell potential buyers about those, that is if you know who they are! But keep in mind that the offers are not always the same for every country. For example, it could be two for the price of one when logged in as the USA, and free shipping if logged in to France. So in other words, some of your buyers may not be able to use the same discount codes even if you do tell them about what you see when you open Lulu.

    You also have to keep in mind that the site is Lulu's (and Amazon's is Amazon's) so they are not going to give you their tracking and invoicing information. Try walking in to a Waterstone's store, for example, and asking them who bought your books ...


    PS: Careful with using that Discount tool. I made the mistake of adding extra to the price of some of mine so I could knock extra off as a Discount. But it only applies to Lulu Spotlights. If you are using an ISBN then that discount does not carry over to any other sites.


  • Unfortunately, the software running our commerce manager gets a little bogged down when too many coupon codes are being tracked - hence the reason we have not released personalized couponing funtionality.


    Another strategy if to create a separate project without an ISBN that you offer for sale only on Lulu at a discounted price. If you set the project to direct access, only customers who click on the URL in the advertisment or from your website or blog can see and purchase the book. This strategy allows you to directly track sales in real time if you are selectively advertising.

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