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ISBN Rules, Revisited

I have reviewed the ISBN FAQ, and want to double-check: if I want to switch two pages in an already-published 84-page book of daily reflections, would I need a new ISBN?


Related: what are the legal / financial implications of "Revised First Edition" on the copyright page?


Thanks in advance!






  • No, you can keep the same ISBN.


    No implications to writing Revised First Edition on your copyright page.

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  • I've revised mine many times, even the cover and no problems whatsoever.  I think though someone did mention that if you changed a lot of the book such as adding a new chapter etc then maybe you might make it a second edition.

  •  I live outside the United States but would like to get a US ISBN. I want to do this because of the nature of my book. Can this be done? Can I buy an ISBN from an American author?

  • Two years later, reviewing the Lulu ISBN requirements for a *different* print book revision that will include some supplementary end-material pages as well as printing on the cover spine (current cover has a blank spine).

    Can I retain the same ISBN for these changes as a "Revised First Edition"?

    Thanks again!
  • MaggieMaggie Publisher
    If you add the words Revised First Edition on the front cover, yes. Hmm. You won't be able to revise the listed title that exists to add these words. You should get a new ISBN and start a new project.

    If cost is an issue, keep the same ISBN and add Revised First Edition in a seal, like a sticker.

  • Megan_LuluMegan_Lulu Admin
    edited May 2019
    A new ISBN is required for a project when:
    • You make significant changes to any part or parts of a published work, such as adding, moving, or removing blocks of text and/or chapters.
    • You change the title, subtitle, or author name of a previously published work.
    • You substantially change the cover design (to the extent that customers would view your book as a new product.)
    • You create and publish your work in a new product format (hardcover, paperback, eBook, audio book, etc.)
    • You create and publish your work in a new trim size (change the book’s dimensions.)
    • You create and publish an eBook in a different file format such as EPUB or MOBI.
    • You publish with another publisher or under a new imprint.
    • You issue a translated version of your published work.
    You will need to create a new project on Lulu if you would like to make any of the changes outline above. Then, in this new project, you can add a new ISBN and make any desired changes.
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