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Lulu vs Createspace distribution

I published a gorgeous book using Createspace several months ago. The book is stunning, and I've been watching the sales. A handful. The price is $6.99.


I've been watching, also, my lulu sales for other books, much more expensive. And they have been selling 5 or 10 times those at Createspace.


So, I decided to do an experiment. I took that same beautiful book, with a gorgeous cover and impeccable interior, made hardcover version at lulu. The price: $24.99.


So, $6.99 at Createspace, and $24.99 at lulu. Guess what. Within a fews days the book has sold. At $24.99. Through lulu distribution. Through Createspace, at $6.99, nothing.


Createspace has proven to have lousy distribution. I have no idea what lulu is doing, but it's doing something right.


I even convinced my friend Lesley to take her lovely book and publish the A5 version here. Let us see what her sales are on the 7th. So far at Createspace, I think four.


There you have it. These conclusions are based ona year's worth of comparison studies.


Now, I think it would be wonderful if lulu expanded this even more: China, Japan. They have millions of people there, and yes, they buy English books.



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