Kindle select

I have two books on amazon kindle. I have been hearing about kindle select. Has anyone had experience with this?


  • It used to be wonderful years ago. If someone read 10 % of your book
    it counted as a sale. As you have to charge a minimum of $ 2.99
    for KDP Select books (and the ebook has to be exclusive to Kindle;
    the print book version can be available elsewhere but not the ebook)
    and you got paid 70 % of the cover price, it was quite neat.

    However, Kindle changed the way KDP Select works and you now get paid
    an amount - somewhere under half a cent; it has gone down since launching - for
    each page read.

    I don't get many page reads these days. In fact, after fairly
    decent sales from January to about Mid October my ebook sales went through
    the floor and stayed there.

    If you enrol your book in KDP Select you have to keep it there for
    a minimum of 90 days after which you can remove it from the programme
    if you wish.

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