Print book using png files or pdf?

I have designed my book - a local history book - to have the text on each page framed in text boxes, which are layered over a watermark (map). There are lots of illustrations in the book, as well.

To do this, it made sense to me to use the cover page template. I then layered all the elements for each page and created a png file for each one. For printing the book, my questions are:

  1. Is it possible (or desirable) to upload all of the png pages one by one for printing?
  2. Is it better to create one pdf file with all of the png pages ?
  3. I downloaded the 'lulu' and 'full bleed lulu' pdf settings files. How do they get applied to a pdf document in Adobe Acrobat X? 
  4. I have attached a jpeg copy of one of the png files to show what I have done for each page.


  • It's actually much easier than your question makes it sound.


    Take a Word document (add .25 to size. Example 8.75 x11.25), insert your jpegs, same size, print PDF with any PDF printer. Adobe is fine. Upload. That is all.


    Make sure your jpegs are 300 dpi.

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  • Any problem with loading the png files right into Adobe Acrobat?

  • Not sure if the resolution will be affected. Depends on your settings.  I truly wouldn't risk it. You may encounter all kinds of problems. But, yes, you can try it.


    In Word, you can set your margins to zero everywhere, prepare your copyright page as text. Much better route to take.

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  • Perfect. Thanks for the help.

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