Aaaarggh! I'm dying here.

i've just pushed my ebook 'Mrs Clay' through the Lulu publishing machine, but at the end I've got information only on the pricing I would get on Apple and on Barnes and Noble. Where is Kindle? Where is Kobo? Oh God, WHAT HAVE I DONE????


  • Go to My Projects and click on the name of your book and you will be taken to a revision screen. Go to Pricing and Creator Revenues and click on edit. Now select the Amazon and Kobo options and save.

  • Ah! You know what - the Amazon and Kobo options don't come up. And I figure now, THAT'S because I'm based in Australia. When I set my location as "USA", ping, the other options appear. So— If you're in Australia, you can't access Amazon or Kobo through Lulu? If that's the case, it's going to be very disappointing.


    I supplied my own ISBN, so I didn't get and supply the tax number thingy. Would that make a difference?


  • Yes, the "location" you set on the Manage page will define where you can distribute. I don't think the ISBN would impact the distribution availability
  • Ah. That's so... disappointing, because I really did want to distribute with Lulu, because your epub conversion process is the ONLY one I've found that retains Paragraph Styles use, and I used Paragraph Styles a lot.


    But thanks for your replies, guys.

  • You could try logging in as some other country. Try as the UK.

  • I'm new here and am struggling with it all.... I don't find this a user friendly place and Lulu don't seem to care much so how anyone manages I' don't know....

  • Having participated in both the Lulu and Kindle forums I have to say that I think Lulu is generally a very user friendly space.


    What you have to remember about Lulu is that they are not publishers; they simply facilitate the publishing of your book. You are the publisher, editor, author, proof reader, formatter and book cover designer all rolled into one. Everything rests on your shoulders; whether you sink or swim is entirely up to you.


    When I first started self publishing on Lulu and Kindle I bought books teaching me what to do. It is amazing how few would-be authors are prepared to invest just a few dollars for something which could save them a lot of frustration. Something else that you could do is look through the Lulu tutorials. Click Learn and then Visit the Knowledge Base.


    If you still have a query then post it here in the forum and someone is bound to help. The self publishing thing is daunting at first but once you get the hang of it you will realize how incredibly easy it actually is. When you get it right you will feel a great sense of achievement at how many new skills you have learned. And when people actually buy your books...well, then you're sailing!

  • BlackKat,


    I only use the US store and I'm Canadian. You can use any store you want. One click. Super easy.

     A citizen of the world.

  • But that click would be... would it not?.... a click towards the Dark Side...? (Besides, how do they pay you? - Oh, hang on, a PayPal account is a PayPal account all over the world.) Time to click on the 'problem solved' button...

  • I'm new here and am struggling with it all.... I don't find this a user friendly place and Lulu don't seem to care much so how anyone manages I' don't know....


    Very often people start by stating what problems they are having and then people will try to help. I see that you only registered yesterday and your posting is your only one ...

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